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Native to Czech Republic, Eva became fascinated with the handmade jewelry world while taking classes at School of Visual Arts and Parson School of Design in New York City.


Having made her mark early on in the textile and fashion industries, Eva wanted to explore the journey of jewelry design and manufacturing. What began as a passionate hobby became a full time reality when Eva Hanusova Designs was created in 2010. Instead of jewelry simply manufactured by a machine, Eva wanted the imperfect beauty and sensual feel found in handcrafted designer jewelry.


Eva's collection was designed, inspired and crafted to reflect the beauty of natural forms with the endless potential of blending color, shape and texture.


 Eva Noga Fine Jewelry launched in 2017. Eva wanted her second passion, gardening, to be reflected in her delicate collection created using baguette diamonds, tourmalines, faceted gemstones and 14k gold settings. Her passion for anything botanical has inspired her collection filled with diamond-accented beetles, spiders and other worldly critters.

She sees the organic forms that are central to her designs as natural extensions of the body and is drawn to colorful irregular gemstones. Eva puts her heart into each piece that she designs.


2017 - Winner of the third edition of THENEXTNOW jewelry contest

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